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Nearly made it to the V&A London

Last year I  received this  Email from a researcher from the V&A Museum in London.

Dear Sir
I am currently conducting research on behalf of the Victoria & Albert
Museum, London, for a forthcoming show slated for Sept 2011 about
skills and making. At this stage of our reseach, we would like to
inquire about the availability of one of your bespoke canoes found
through: http://www.birchcanoes.com/bespoke.htm

Could you please let us know what the availability of the piece is —
is there one already built , for example. It would be great if you
could also share with us some basic object information such as
dimensions, materials used and weightage.

Many thanks for your help with this. Please do not hesitate to contact
me if you have any questions at this time.

The canoe in question is this one. I built it a few years ago now.

Hunter's canoe

Inside of the hunter's canoe

I used a very small drawing from the book: The bark canoes & skin boats of North America, by Adney & Chappelle.  I lofted the drawing  to full size and made stations from the drawings. The canoe was built using strips of Red Cedar and a layer of Alaskan Yellow Cedar. The inside framings are also yellow veneers. The twarts are carved of White Ash.

Nothin came out of the V&A request. I had sold the canoe well before the enquiry and I received no reply when I offered to build another one!

Never mind, just the factt hey got interested was quite good.


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  1. That is a beauty! Very inspiring.

    Comment by Paleotool | 03/02/2012 | Reply

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